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Originally Posted by SAEalumnus View Post
Ya this has been going on for about four decades now. You're probably right on the money (literally) with your the cost-benefit analysis theory. I'm sure it'd cost a fair bit of change to pursue a copyright infringement case across international borders. Our national laws used to contain official position statements with respect to certain specific topics, but those were removed beginning with the 2005 edition of the Fraternity Laws. I don't recall any of those statements pertaining to the Philippine organization, so I'd venture to say NHQ has probably never made any formal, official statement one way or another. I do know they've been commented upon in our quarterly magazine, The Record, and in private conversations between brothers, but that's about it.
There just maybe a cost-benefit analysis going on.
Just found this on the open side of our National site:
Fraternities File for Infringement

SAN DIEGO, CA – More than 30 national and international Greek-letter organizations today filed a joint lawsuit in Southern Florida Federal Court against Greek product manufacturers and marketers Paddle Tramps Mfg. Co, The Brown Bag, joeToga, Taymark, Inc., Tervis Tumbler Company and Rah Rah Company, on charges of trademark infringement and both federal- and common-law unfair competition. The lawsuit was filed as a result of continued, unauthorized use of the Greek organizations’ protected trademarks by the six defendants. Stites & Harbison’s intellectual property group in Louisville, Kentucky, has been retained as legal counsel by the Greek organizations...........
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