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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
More madness:

My Big and Twin are geting married a month apart in 2009 (she in June and twin in July). There's a bit of competitiveness on my Big's part to make her wedding "better" than hers. There's only one problem, my Big's budget is HALF of my Twins. So, as my Big's MOH, guess who gets to listen to her complain about how "___'s wedding is going to be so much better than hers?" You guessed it. Me!

Here is something you might want to share with your big. Perhaps the reason your twin has double the budget is because everything here (in New England) costs more. When FI and I were looking at places here in Boston, we basically had to triple what we initially planned to spend. Please also note we weren't looking at the top hotels downtown. We were looking at the "cheap" places and no joke, were looking at $20,000 for catering alone. We weren't serving cavier and having raw bars either...just your standard chicken, filet, fish wedding meal.

We had considered checking out a castle nearby, but our guests would be all spread out in different rooms for dinner. It happens at a lot of the old mansions here. We attended a wedding at one this past summer. Luckily, they were able to put up a tent in the yard for the actual dinner otherwise we would have been shoveled into TINY rooms like sardines. The dancing took place inside. You couldn't watch the couple share their first dance because everyone was trying to squish into the doorway to see. People watched for a few seconds and then moved out of the way so other people could have a turn. Tell your big to find a great big space for everyone to be together and have fun!

B and I actually decided to get married in PA because we can get an upscale location with gourmet food at the same price as the elks club here in MA. No joke.
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