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Originally Posted by SthrnZeta View Post
Phoenix, I want your photographer!!!!

And what's the consensus on IPODing it vs having a DJ vs a live band...?
We're very very lucky to have him, he's been a huge blessing. He made a very generous offer to do this to begin his career as a wedding photographer. He's previously worked in corporate photography, so he knows his way around a camera, and he's got a particular interest in doing Catholic weddings. I'll let you know how it turns out!

I'd love to have a live band, particularly, I'd love to have a ceilidh band (for traditional Scottish dancing...think square dance but with kilts and more fun) or a band that FH and I have gone to see a lot, called Corn Beef and Curry (traditional Irish music). We've got a lot of Irish/Scottish stuff mixed in because of our heritage, because we got engaged in Ireland, because I live(d) in Scotland/Ireland. However, both of these options can be quite pricey! We thought about maybe doing the Ipod for dinner on big band stuff (for my grandfather), then after dinner, switching to ceilidh dancing, then back to the Ipod for general boogying down. The problem with ceilidh dancing is that you've got to get people to participate. Thankfully it's almost always instructed by the musicians, like a caller would do, and I think people would be down with the novelty factor.
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