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I'm sort of wedding challenged. I lost my girl card somewhere about 3rd grade and never re-applied for membership. I really just don't have it in me to do the "best" and the "biggest". It's not us. When we were venue shopping, I got hives going into country clubs, like they looked at me as if I should be the maid. F that noise, my money's just as green as the next. Finally found a place that's close, affordable, fun, and thankfully non-fussy.

The "big stuff" we took care of this summer before I left for Scotland. Church, Pre-Marriage classes per the church, venue, caterer, florist (friend of FH's and literally next door to the church, and the most reasonable in the area...complete score!), cake, dress, BM's and their dresses, decided on groom/groomsmens wear (well...kinda. They're all wearing black suits for the "wearable after wedding/not wearing someone else's trousers to get married" factor. I'm still trying to drop hints to get him in a kilt, but I don't think it will happen. Ah well, there's always Burns Night), we're building our Ipod playlist (complete and utter control of the music...muwahaha! Nice big band stuff for dinner, and fun/funky stuff for after), and our photographer is working for food/accommodations and the right to use our images for promotion (heck yea!).

The boy and I are still trying to decide on invitations. We've seen a bunch that we like, but the thing is, between the two of us we've got enough desktop publishing experience to create an empire. So I think we may be stealing a concept, using his web developer skillz/passwords for images/illustrations, and designing them ourselves and printing them through $500 for paper?! are ye kidding me? I could understand if it was your Doctoral diploma (maybe) but for Pete's sake, it's an invitation that most people throw in the bin the minute they get back from the reception. Nope. Not doing it.

I dunno, I look at Platinum Weddings and that other show, what's it called, on Style? and I think to myself, "christ, they're spending the GDP of a small nation on this wedding!"
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