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Originally Posted by hannahgirl View Post
Get flowers from a wholesaler instead of a shop. Once again much cheaper and just as nice.
co-sign this.

I had a big southern wedding, but looked at many ways to have a classy day without spending stupid money. I bought all the flowers- bouquets, centerpieces, and large arrangements for the church- at an upscale grocery store (Central Market for those of you in TX). The cost was literally only 40% of what I would have paid at a flower shop.

The store did all the arrangements for me. The only caveat was that they would not deliver, but two friends of mine offered to pick them up for me and one delivered the church flowers and the other delivered the reception flowers.

The flowers were gorgeous... and no one could tell the difference. I got compliments on my bouquet all day. I proudly told people where I had bought the flowers, and everyone was so impressed with not only the quality but my wisdom in saving so much money.
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