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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
Oh only one is trying to out-do the other! The other is completely oblivious. I think she night catch on when she realizes that our Big is also looking at booking a castle for her reception!

VandalSquirrel- I've NEVER seen that show!
That show is awesome, it is only half an hour but it is outrageous. Mud 'rassling in your wedding dress in a kiddie pool is always a great wedding event. Or the couple who brought hunting trophies to decorate the wedding site, or perhaps the couple who got married in a flea market might pique your interest? I DVRd it and VandalShyster and I watched it when we had snow days. I don't know who is programming on CMT, but between that show and "Gone Country" with Sisqo and Bobby Brown competing with Carnie Wilson and Marsha Brady for a country recording contract I am suddenly a HUGE fan of CMT.

Originally Posted by WhiteDaisy128 View Post
You know Disney makes wedding dresses now...right? You know you want one!
If and when I get hitched I am going to tell my matron and maids that I am selecting dresses from that website just to freak them out.
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