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Darn it! The SAE Philipines guy deleted his post before I could quote him.

At any rate....this is what I just found from a video on YouTube (

"Their" flag:


SAE's official flag:

One of them wearing a t-shirt with "their" coat of arms:

Hmm, looks suspiciously like SAE's coa:

Seems they even stole your True Gentlemen slogan:

as well as your colors and "Phi Alpha."

A coincidence of having the same letters is one thing, but IMO this deserves some serious a**-kicking!

ETA: SAEalumnus, you just updated your post while I was typing. How on earth are they getting away with this? I noticed that none of these things are on their official website but they're using them just the same. Very sneaky. and smarmy
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