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Originally Posted by ThetaXiBeta View Post
So I posted my question on another thread, but was then redirected here. There has been some great advice here and I can clearly understand where some of you are coming from. I was originally an initiated member of an NPC organization and while I loved the ladies when I joined I didn't like what the new girls who came after my pledge class changed the sorority into. Basically the few of us who were left decided we should start a local sorority. We wanted to found our sorority on certian ideals and we want girls who believe these things and try to follow them in their life.

Anyways, to my question, When a local sorority comes on a campus that is dominated by NPC sororities and really has no local sororities on campus what tends to be the reaction? Are they accepted by the greek community or do they find it hard to fit in? Some of my sisters are concerned about what will happen when we go public with our organization.
With the situation you described, you may have a very hard row to hoe. Especially if the sisters that are left in your NPC sorority are well liked by other sororities and fraternities.

When you say you don't like what they changed the sorority into - are you talking risk management issues (i.e. hazing, substance abuse) or that they are just a different type of girl? If it's the former, I would go to the national headquarters before turning in your pin and throwing away the chance to be involved as an alumna. If it's the latter - who voted them in? I mean, how did you end up with girls that you have nothing in common with?
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