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It depends on the campus atmosphere. Other groups may feel an addition to the greek system as a positive thing but then you may have individual members who feel threatened. I think it also depends on the success your school has as far as how many students go greek. somtimes adding another group to compete with is not in the best interest of other organizations. Before you attempt to put your group on the local map at your school, i'd suggest asking your greek advisor, if it was possible your group has a place to exist on your campus. This is important if you want to make sure your org will have continous enrollment after you graduate.
The concern your members are having is natural. My group is a little over a year old and as we get bigger, we are still scrutinized by many individuals. Be prepared for alot of questions. People will want to know WHERE you came from and WHY. It's up to you to answer it how you feel. If your campus allows the registration of a local organization the acceptance of your group may go smoothly but like i said it depends on the campus.
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