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I typically get these "my fave houses" requests from girls on deferred recruitment campuses. Indiana U. is one of these campuses. The girls attend a few informal events in the fall, shop around, and think they know what's what. I have to constantly remind them that IU is an extremely competitive Greek system with too many going through and not enough spots for everyone. AND that the houses there are all pretty strong and have something to offer.

OR, they are from a family with sorority women and they are overconfident. Two years ago, we had an unfortunate situation with a legacy of 2 NPC groups, who decided she was going to start "cutting" houses midway through recruitment at a large Greek campus.

Problem is, she was in no way outstanding or particularly outgoing, and she was riding on legacy coattails which is why she had a few courtesy invites to those 2 houses, phase after phase. She figured she was a lock at one if not both of them. To her horror, she ended up with only one pref invitation to a house that was weak and that she did not want to join--the 2 houses she had legacy ties to released her prior to preference. She was sobbing and called our APH president to say she was dropping out. We convinced her to go to her final party and finish out the process. She was encouraged to attend because frankly, it was better than sitting home all night while everyone else was at Pref, and it was courteous to go back to the one house who had invited her. To her credit, she did attend. She dropped out thereafter, but she learned some important lessons.
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