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If your campus does not have any NPC organizations, your process is slightly different.

FIRST, read this link:


Basic Questions to Consider:
-Does your university campus satisfy the requirements listed on the link above (4 year accredited campus)? If not, you are not eligible. Sorry. You might consider transferring to an eligible institution.
-Is the lack of NPC groups because the campus has traditionally banned such organizations? This may well be the case, particularly at some religiously-affiliated institutions, women's colleges, etc.
-If your campus has banned such organizations, DO RESEARCH (eg talk to Director of Student activities) and see if this might change with some student interest. Many schools that formerly banned Greek life are now more open to it. If your campus will not alter their position--sorry.
-In rare situations, an NPC may colonize without official campus recognition (for example, at some Ivy League schools). This however is rare. READ THE INFORMATION PERTAINING TO "PROPER AUTHORITY" AT THE ABOVE LINK. You may contact the NPC extension chairman with questions to determine if you investigation must end there.
-If you school does ban NPC-type organizations, consider whether you are open to investigate other types of organizations and activities that are allowed or already exist on your campus. There may be other kinds of GLOs on your campus. Obviously do NOT view these orgs as a "backup" but you may discover an interest in them upon research. Do you research first and DO NOT WASTE THESE GROUPS' TIME IF YOU ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN NPC MEMBERSHIP. The research process is intended for you to discover if there is a spark lit in YOU about these orgs, not for you to become Greek at any cost.

-If it happens that there is no ban on NPC and the lack of NPC presence on your campus is for other reasons, work with your Director of Student Life.
-Use the link above as your major resource. Be prepared to answer the questions listed on that website. For example, if you go to a nontraditional college (and this term can have various meanings) be prepared to explain what the role of Greek life at your campus would be and why it is needed. You need to have a vision of the role of NPC on your campus.
-If possible, ally with other interested individuals in this process. Remember though to let the administration take the lead. YOU NEED THEIR SUPPORT.

If anyone has any revisions to this... let me know.
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