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Originally Posted by texas*princess View Post
So here's a question for you:

What is so wrong about a group of ladies who didn't find the sisterhood in other organizations, but are finding it somewhere else? How you do really know they are only doing that to "spite" the other groups and not because they truly are looking for their "place"?
I believe this question was directed at me. If they are truly looking for their place, by all means, check out what there is to offer before making a decision. What I'm talking about is women who approach organizations and explicitly state, "I didn't make it into an NPC sorority, so I figure it would be easier to start a chapter of your sorority" or something to that effect. We've seen women come onto GC and talk about the stereotypes of sororities on campus when it is clear they haven't truly investigated them before pursuing another organization. That's not a good look.

And this:

Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
*Starting a new sorority is not the cure for getting released from recruitment.
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