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Originally Posted by texas*princess View Post
So here's a question for you:

What is so wrong about a group of ladies who didn't find the sisterhood in other organizations, but are finding it somewhere else? How you do really know they are only doing that to "spite" the other groups and not because they truly are looking for their "place"?

From the sounds of it, you are talking about a NPC organization because the "non mainstream orgs" weren't allowed in on the presentations... on some campuses, affiliates or even non-affilates of the campus panhellenic are not allowed to make decisions that would affect the campus NPC, just like the NPC groups are not allowed in on making the decisions that affect the other umbrella organizations on the campus.

nope, they aren't trying to bring an NPC org on campus, and they work a lot like NPHC/LGLO/MCGLO than NPC. But, it would have been nice if NPHC and non-mainstream orgs could attend their presentation since they aren't an NPC org, and would know them better than NPC orgs, but nope, the Greek Advisor would not let us in.

And yes, obviously, it is not everyone is doing it to be spiteful, just a couple of the leaders who have caused a lot of trouble because of the tactics they've used. They lied about when they started doing paperwork (it wasn't until about 2 weeks before presentation that they initiated contact w/their Nationals, and that is only because their Greek Advisor did it for them). And again, none of us have anything against the organization they are bringing on campus, just a couple of these ladies who are severing greek relations by being highly disrespectful and even malignant.
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