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Originally Posted by preciousjeni View Post
I'll start...

If you are interested in starting a chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., please visit That's all you need to know.

Please do not come to Theta Nu Xi if you have been rejected from another sorority/other sororities in an attempt to spite them. Only if you are truly interested in the mission, tenets and programming of the Sorority should you pursue your interest in her.

yeah, no kidding. unfortunately that is happening on my current campus. These group of ladies faked being interested in the current orgs on campus, some are even droppees of NPHCs, but decided to ask a large national organization to come to campus. For us personally, some stood outside the building where we held our informationals and tried to persuade the ladies who were coming to join them instead. We only found out much later because one of the interested ladies went on line for us and told us.

We find out after they asked for approval that their sorority nationals did not even know they were interested, and got the Greek Advisor here (who is pushing sooo very hard for them to come that he refuses to allow NPHC or non-mainstream org to put in a vote) to do all the leg-work for them (they did not follow protocol of the school or the sorority to get, you need to be approved by the council before the dean, and they went straight to the dean to get approved, and since my school is very big on greek s- 50% greeks, with hopes for more diversity, he said yes).

They show up to presentation purposely wearing the sororities colors, and stole a lot of other orgs purposes/missions/philantrophy, and because the Greek Advisor barred NPHC and us alums from attending (he sent out a very nasty email saying that if we showed up there will be consequences), and kept non-mainstream org from questioning them, they were approved by NPC. He even prepped them on how to answer the questions he knew would be asked by NPC. They cried at the presentation because they were so happy to have found finally found a niche at my school. Just a little bitter not about the org, but these ladies and what they have done to try to come on campus. They can't see that by doing these things, that they've damaged their orgs reputation more (and btw, even if they do come on campus, these ladies will find no help or collaboration from NPHC because of their behaviors during this period; at least not until these first group of ladies graduate).
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