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Originally Posted by barnard1897 View Post
My personal pet peeve is the inevitable set of emails I get each summer that read something like this:

Dear Mrs. President of Panhellenic and all that Good stuff:

I am going to be a freshman at University of I'm Too Good For Them that has 15 plus sororities, and I am planning to go through recruitment in the fall. I am hoping you can assist me with recommendations. I plan to rush at the following houses as they are my favorites: xyz, abc, def, and zzz. Please send recs for those houses. Thanks so much. Love and stuff, Penelope PNM.

This means I have to go through my little spiel about how we as an APH do not send recs selectively, that our reps will send recs to each house on her campus for which we have delegates, that she needs to keep an open mind and give every house a chance as joining a sorority is a great honor and each one of them can offer her an amazing experience. Then I go into my explanation (short but honest) about how every year, the girls who don't heed this advice run into difficulties, when they realize too late in the game that selectivity is better left to the houses, and that the PNM should really have given each house a better chance. There's always the story about the double legacy who thought she knew better and ended up with no bid. That part I usually leave out.

It's a constant education, isn't it?
I hope that her original request gets included when sent to the sororities that aren't her "favorites."

I swear, btwn GC & stories like this, sometimes I think every other girl going through rush these days is Veruca Salt. And a stupid Veruca Salt, at that.
It is all 33girl's fault. ~DrPhil
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