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UNT Sorority Row

Texas Princess,

The "Brothel Law" did apply at UNT for many years. Prior to Sorority Row most of the Sororities used to meet in Chapter Suites at the bottom level of the College Inn Dormitory building on Monday evenings. I used to live upstairs from Chi Omega . The reason that UNT moved forward with Sorority Row was that they challenged and appealed the legal stipulations that were outdated and old. TWU could probably do the same but I know that the greek system there is very small. Not sure if that would make a difference or not.



Originally Posted by texas*princess View Post
I've heard the "brothel law" thing for several schools... one of them being TWU, which is seriously 5 minutes from where UNT is building the Sorority Row So I figured that was not a real reason why some campuses have houses, and some have only "lodges" and some don't have either.
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