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Originally Posted by FuzzieAlum View Post
LOL, I wish we had a sorting hat, but seriously, if your sorority makes decisions by discussion, I'm betting that isn't supposed to be public information, not like, "Our minimum GPA is this, and you must be enrolled at a 4-year college, and you must be female." I could be wrong; what your org says is OK to discuss may be different than what mine says. But as far as Alpha Xi Delta is concerned, the process of membership selection is completely secret. Maybe we talk to consensus; maybe we have a mathematical equation; maybe we vote y/n; maybe our VP for membership decides single-handedly; maybe we have a dart board. Maybe we discuss and then vote and then the president has veto power, unless it's the third week of the month, in which case we pick 'em alphabetically. All that's public is that we follow NPC and campus rules regarding rush.

I would be shocked and appalled to hear that ANY sorority released PNMs without even discussing them in the sense of asking the sister who talked to them what she thought.
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