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Originally Posted by TSteven View Post
Each fraternity has their own rules regarding membership etc., so you will need to check with the headquarters for both Phi Beta Sigma and Sigma Nu.
NIC by-laws, however, do provide as follows:

Section 1. Membership Requirements.

(a) Fraternity Membership. To be eligible for membership in the Conference, a fraternity must:

. . .

(3) Be mutually exclusive of and in competition with other general fraternities, meaning that no member fraternity shall initiate a member of another fraternity until such time as the second fraternity shall have been formally notified in writing by the national office of the first fraternity that a candidate for membership in the second fraternity is no longer regarded as a member of the fraternity.

So for Sigma Nu, at least, I would think this would be the minimum standard. Sigma Nu could, of course, adopt a more stringent standard but not a less stringent one, no?