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This is an echo of DeltaBetaBoy's post, but I think that there should be a reminder that at the most competitive schools, the girls spend about all day doing the parties and stay up sometimes into the wee hours discussing which girls to invite back. A lot of times, if few members have strong feelings yay or nay about a girl, a girl might only get discussed for a minute or two so it is not like the entire chapter made the concerted and deliberate attempt to keep you (or your daughter) out of their organization. Maybe you (or your daughter) looked a little tired that day by the time you got to XYZ's organization and because of that she was less than memorable to the actives around her. A lot of actives are trying to remember the names and faces of about 20 girls a day -- a feat challenging on a good day. Who knows, but it isn't as if the girls are able or have time to do a line by line recount of a conversation they had with you (or your daughter) and deconstruct from it what kind of person you are.
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