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Quantitative Factors vs. "Soft Factors"
Sororities have a limited number of open seat to offer in a new member class. They will seek to fill these with the women whom they feel present themselves as the strongest candidates.

The strongest candidates (at most campuses) will be composed of:
1) Freshmen (and possibly Sophomores, depending on the school)
2) With Top GPA's
3) and Sorority Recommendations

Soft Factors for consideration (where Grades/Recs/Class rank are equal to the other PNMs) include (in no particular order):
A Great Personality,
Legacy Status,
The Wow Factor (truly extraordinary talents or accomplishments)

When the Top 3 factors are weak or nonexistent, the soft factors matter a lot less. Soft Factors will almost never mitigate lower grades, lack of recs, etc.

Rush Early, Not Often
There is a law of diminishing returns with respect to when you rush. Freshmen have the greatest chances of being bidded. Plus, the more times you rush, the lesser your chances. You are meeting roughly the same women in the same sororities over an over again, with some variable (often insignificant) factors.

If you have been denied your Top Choice one or more times, ask yourself why you are re-rushing. Have you changed so drastically in one year? And if so, why? Is that change truly to your benefit or something you have done in an effort to be accepted? And if so, are you being true to who you really are?

Why There is No Feedback on Why You Were Cut
There are no "make-ups" or opportunities to learn why you did not "make the cut" at a particular sorority. The sororities are not required to discuss this with you nor will they make an exception and discuss this matter with you.

Sorority membership selection is privileged information known only by the collegiate members who are actually performing the selection. Alumnae and members at other colleges have no information regarding specifics to your recruitment.

If you are cut by a sorority, you have no alternative other than to accept it and move on. Period.

Why You Should not Cut Yourself From Recruitment

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by staying in recruitment through preferentials. In addition, by taking a bid, you have a 5-8 week opportunity to observe the sorority and get to know all of the members in more normal circumstances as a trial period before committing to lifetime membership. If the experience is really not worth the effort, at least you can say with certainty that you did try.

Alternatives for Women Released From Recruitment

If you truly maximized your opportunities, attended all the parties you were invited to and STILL were not offered a sorority bid, you will have fewer options following formal recruitment but it is still possible to join a sorority.

Investigate COB opportunities by contacting the Office of Greek Life (or equivalent) at your college. As with formal recruitment, it is not a guarantee you will receive a sorority bid through COB. But if you want to join a sorority, this is the best way to exhaust your options.

If formal recruitment and COB do not work out for you, you should accept that sorority life is not a good fit for you at this university, and move on with your life. This adjustment or realization may be particularly
hard, and you should do what you feel is necessary to get on with your life.

Sorority Women WorldWide Have Nothing to Do With Your/Child's Cuts

Sorority women will attest that being a member of a sorority has enriched their lives and brought them great friendships. But sorority women will also attest that the experience of being at college and being involved with the university on several levels (not just Greek Life) has brought them this same satisfaction.

Please don't hate or ridicule sorority life or the particular chapter that did not offer you membership. It accomplishes nothing.

Please be encouraged, whether or not you join a sorority, to find a niche for yourself at your university. Your goal as a college student is to challenge yourself and your mind in furtherance of your career goals and personal growth. This can be accomplished in many, many ways. Sorority life is just one, and an activity worth looking into. But there are many ways to find personal happiness and satisfaction at your university. Leave no stone unturned. Good luck to all!
Click here for some helpful information about sorority recruitment and recommendations.

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