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Isn't all that info already posted in adpiucf's thread:

Is it really neccessary to have a duplicate?

There's even a section about being the mom of a pnm.

All these cases are the same.

"My classic beauty of a daughter who was homecoming queen and a cheerleader rushed at <super competitive school here> and she didn't get one of the top three out of 15 sororities on the campus and I don't know what to do for her"

Someone already posted something to the effect of everyone wants to think their case is exceptionally different than the norm which is why they post 128379243 threads about essentially the same thing.

having read most all of these, I feel like the mom's who are in this position only come here to hear the good news ("that's EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR!") whether it will apply to them or not. There was talk on these boards a year or two ago about not blowing sunshine where it probably didn't need to be for the pnms.... why doesn't that apply to the parents too?

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