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It bears a lot of repeating, bolding and underlining that we here at Greekchat cannot tell you why anyone gets cut during recruitment. We are not in the room when they do cuts. We are not there during rounds listening into your conversations. We cannot tell you, we have no way of knowing, and we won't speculate because there's just no way to know.

I also think there should be something about parents backing off. That might border near parenting styles, but no child wants their parent to be hysterical over something they themselves have already started to move on from. Coming to GC and making 10 hysterical threads about how unfair recruitment is is just dumb. We've all known disappointment and we've all sucked it up. A mother weeping because her daughter got cut hard is just an embarrassment. Yes it hurts but you need to be the pillar of support, not a crumbling ruin. GC is not a glass cage of emotion.

Originally Posted by epchick View Post
If carnation and PenguinTrax haven't opened it again, it might not be opened again. Sorry, but deal with it. People have had threads that they thought were good and they've been closed.
Epchick, are you PMSing? Seriously, did you have to be that bitchy?
I'll take trainwreck for 100 Alex.

And Jesus speaketh, "do unto others as they did unto you because the bitches deserve it".

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