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Please remember that direct contact between the person going through recruitment and the Greek Life office is the best way of understanding what options exist once recruitment is over. We can tell you want COB/COR is, but unless you happen to hit a GCer with special inside information, we really have no idea which groups are participating or how to get them to invite your daughter.

I think that a locked and stickied thread about recs would be a great idea, but it doesn't help after the fact.

Similarly it might be too late for this advice in the released from recruitment thread: but PNMs and their parent should be aware that it is extremely rare at most campuses for a PNM to increase her chances of getting a bid to a group she wants by dropping out of formal. The percentage of girls who get the groups they want through snap bids is in most cases minuscule. And if you are dropping out with groups on your invitation list, these are often the groups most likely to be COBing.

To the parents themselves:

Remember that there's no way to spare your child every disappointment. As tempted as you might be to try to "fix" the situation, the most important good that could come out of it might be for your child to learn how to deal with disappointment primarily on her own and how to be successful in spite of setbacks. Push her beyond this crisis, don't prolong it.

ETA: I didn't notice that you only wanted stuff directed to the PNMs. I think we actually need a parent sticky too. But if need be, please edit the last point to reflect addressing the girls directly. "There's no way to avoid every disappointment in life. You have a lot to learn by how you react to this set back. Don't prologue this disappointing episode or make it more meaningful than it really is. Move on quickly.

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