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My big sis' best friend (and my best friend's big sis) Susie was a double Chi O legacy, both her mom and grandma were not only XOs, but XOs from our chapter. Both were past Presidents of the chapter.

Susie grew up with Chi O this and Chi O that and spending weekends around the house helping her dad and brothers paint, etc.

She wanted to make her own choices, and she cut XO at first opportunity, thinking that was what she had to do to make her own choice, not have it made for her by the weight of her family's legacy on our campus.

Well, as it turned out Susie pref'd two houses and got cross cut.

XO snap bid her and she went on to be President of our chapter as well.

I am not a fan of the whole "you'll end up where you were meant to" thing at all-- too many people can drop thru the cracks or have an off week and rush badly and have it devastate them. The smallest thing can throw off someone's rush.

But like h2oot said, the system, in spite of its flaws, works and the majority of PNMs get placed. You may not get your first choice--but in those early stages, I do believe you could be happy in a number of different chapters, not just one or two, its once we've been in our chapters for awhile that we find they've become a home and we couldn't imagine ourselves anywhere else.

But again, that's not to say the system is perfect or works for everyone. That is obvious. But i think it works more often than it doesn't.
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