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KilarneyRoseI've read in some posts that at some of the more competitive rush schools, the PNMs come into rush already having visited the campus and making a point of getting to know sorority members. Do you all think this is a bad thing?

This is exactly what MANY do from our town. I would think it would give an edge, but still, if they didn't like you, you wouldn't be offered a bid no matter HOW many times you visited. Some of the girls who did visit before hand still got cut.

One girl I mentioned during Tiger Days visited LSU and when she saw that it was a duplication of her HS, she decided to go to another school. It has been mentioned on this thread and others that girls often want a chance to recreate themselves,maybe NEED to recreate themselves. When you know a fair amount of members, you may be stuck in your HS niche. That can work against you as easily as it can work for you.

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