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Originally posted by AchtungBaby80
Oh, I forgot something. There are many, many girls who get into the "elite" chapters (here, at least) just to say they belong. It happens quite a bit. I personally know several members of the largest sororities on campus who do not go to meetings, who do not participate in Greek events, etc., but they all carry their little lettered tote bags around. Most of the chapter houses here are the same size, and we always wondered how in the heck the sororities with over 150 members managed to fit in their chapter room when we outgrew ours around the 90-member mark...but we found out it's because a significant number of their members don't attend meetings. Someone made the point earlier that rush is supposed to weed these girls out but it doesn't--well, whoever said that, you're right!
I like to refer to those people who are only in it for the letters as "letter pimps". LOL In other words, they like to show off, or "pimp" their letters to say "look at me, I'm in a sorority, I'm cool". Seriously, that is just as bad as someone wanting to go to Harvard or Yale just to wear their shirts to get attention. It irritates me to no end when people do not participate enough! ESPECIALLY when a few people don't show up for meetings. I have NEVER missed a meeting, and I never will unless I am in the hospital! If there is ANYTHING Zeta-related going on, I am always there unless I have a class or am really really sick (ex: I had mono last semester so I still went to meetings but had to miss watching some of the sporting events). Is it a crime to be overly spirited about your sorority? If so, I'm as good as arrested!

In regards to the Homecoming Queen thing, I'll reitirate (and attempt to clarify) what some others have said: A girl is more likely to be elected if she is in a "stronger" house, because
1) there will be more people behind her, with more enthusiasm to spread the word about why she should be elected through means of posters, banners, word-of-mouth, etc.
2) the more recognizable an organization (sorority) is to the student population, the more likely they are to vote for her even if they don't know her, simply because they have heard of the sorority, or because the sorority has a good reputation.

This is in NO WAY saying that someone from a "weaker" sorority or even someone who is NOT affiliated with a sorority cannot become Homecoming Queen, but it is still less likely, especially in the South. A similar concept goes for highschools, where a girl is more likely to win Homecoming/Prom Queen if she's in a more recognizable group/club such as cheerleading, athletics, honors societies, etc.

Ah...if only life were less complicated sometimes.
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