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GammaPhi and SigKap, both of you made excellent points! It just goes to show that women can be happy without the reputation. It's just a shame that more women don't go through recruitment with the attitudes you ladies had.

One of our chapters is at an SEC school and is THE weak sorority on campus. But they only had 12 girls last year. Now they are over 30. That's huge for them, and the reason why? Because in a recruitment of hundreds of girls, they only got 2! I talked to one of these women a few days ago, and asked her "are you happy with your sorority experience thus far?" Her answer was awesome...she said "I may not be in XYZ or ABC, but I'm where I belong. I had the opportunity to join a big sorority, but I didn't feel I would have as much of a sorority experience as I do with my chapter. We're going to make it out of this trouble and onto huge things...that's all I have to say!"

She made me cry I know, I'm a dork!
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