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I've read in some posts that at some of the more competitive rush schools, the PNMs come into rush already having visited the campus and making a point of getting to know sorority members. Do you all think this is a bad thing?

As I mentioned in a long ago thread where I detailed my rush experience, I grew up very close to where I went to college and I knew ever since I started high school that I wanted to go there and the I wanted to join a sorority. ErikaXO, correct me if I'm wrong but you were in a similar situation when you started college, right? So to that end, I tailored my resume not only so that I would look good to the college admissions people but to the sororities as well. Also, I went to parties at the school my junior and senior years of high school so that I could become friendly with the Greeks and learn my way around the system a bit (disregard the fact that a 16/17 year old has NO BUSINESS at a fraternity party, ok? It's alright that I did it, but if either of my daughters attempts such a stunt they will be grounded until they're 30 )

I feel that I started rush with a big advantage over most of the other PNM's; I was friendly with many sisters, I knew what the different houses were like in "real life" as opposed to the image they presented during rush and I knew enough about which sisters were involved in what non-Greek activities that I could ask what I felt to be intelligent questions. I didn't feel that I needed a two week rush period to learn where I belonged because I'd done a couple years of independant research.

So I guess what I'd like to know is does everyone think the advantage I gave myself was unfair to the other rushees or do you feel that "all's fair" in love, rush?

And, regarding the Homecoming Queen question...
Remember, if a Homecoming Queen candidate is a member of a larger house, she has more people to campaign for her and, obviously, more people to vote for her!
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