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Although I didn't attend a huge southern school, I have worked with many women that have and have many friends that went through at huge schools and although I cannot relate quantity wise I have some Panhellenic opinons.

Since I worked with PH for the 4 years I was at school and never saw Recruitment from the chapter side until last year as an alumnae I feel that no matter what you are looking for and no matter where you end up that it wouldn't make that big of a difference.

I love KD and know it is the group for me, but I would think I would be as happy in another group beacuse I would have made the best out of it as I have currently. Some PNMs have no idea what sorority life is really about and no matter what chapter you join all NPC groups have great experiences that she will enjoy and get the most out of.

I bet if you lined all PNMs up and split them into groups and assigned a chapter they would all be as happy as if they had gone through the process. At such large schools I cannot imagine how you wouldn't get lost in the choas. I am impressed by the manner the chapter women have it down to a science, something I would not be good at!
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