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Never once in rush did I think the sorority was trying to impress me. I went into it full well knowing that I had to impress them. There were 899 other girls out there to choose from.

There was only one sorority that didn't make quota at LSU. And they had the nerve to drop me (one of the involved people from high school with a 4.0) from formal AND informal (twice). I have no idea what they were looking for, but rumor is that nationals is living in-house this year. They still have a really high pledge attrition rate. *shrug*

Before I rushed, a friend of mine in a sorority told me "Don't worry, 200 girls know where you belong better than you do" While I understand she was trying to say that they could see if I would fit into their group, that really infuriated me. I went through rush feeling like the hand of fate was guiding it all - that I had no control over things. I also felt like she was priming me to be part of a groupthink mindset.

One major reason I dropped out of rush that day was because it finally gave me a feeling of control. For an entire week, I was told I was not good enough to attend the events of 8 out of the 10 groups on campus, after a brief 30 minute meeting. When I filled in the "withdraw" bubble on the scantron card, I felt empowered. I walked out of that room with my head high, feeling like I had finally taken control of the situation.

Granted, I think I could have been happy at the house that I had left for pref. However, I was just so tired of being told where to go, that I wanted to tell every last one of THEM where to shove it.
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