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33girl-." However, there are women who only want social position and prestige out of a sorority experience. And if that's all you are looking at groups with, you're a user, and a loser. If you want to be in a sorority that just happens to be the most prestigious on campus - because that's who you like the most and feel comfortable with - fine.
No way could I have said it better. Your entire post is on the money.
I don't think anyone can fully comprehend the reality of a competative rush unless you go through it. I had blow by blow descriptions and still am amazed that my daughter really enjoyed it! She was one of the fortunate ones who found true happiness.

GUESS WHAT! She just got back from a GREEK RETREAT! EVERYONE was represented IFC NPC NHPC (is there a male equivalent for IFC?) They were in Mississippi for the weekend. She went on and on about how much she learned. She was so impressed by the reps of NHPC and the way they do their "rush" and the fact that they "live" their ritual daily. Something she would like to see instilled in her org. OOPS should have made another thread. Oh well...
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