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Originally posted by 33girl
But I'd like to know how many of these women in the "big 5" or whatever are really happy and close with their sisters, and how many of them are just sucking up their real selves because of the prestige.
Interestingly enough getting into one of these "big 5" has to do with who you know, what activites you were involved with, your grades and your RECS... most of the young ladies who pledge a strong chapter, at a strong southern school, went to school with the girls in the chapters, or mothers are friends at Jr. League, their fathers golf toghter, they were in the same Sunday School class, etc.

I did not go to an SEC school, but I did go to a mid-size southern school... and those girls who were looking for prestige, normally did not get a bid... because their sisters and their potential new sisters are very close...
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