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Originally posted by justamom

This is slightly off topic-One bright point is, if you want to call it that, those girls that are rushing and get cut from the one or two sororities they have focused on will often drop out. At least that's what happened to several I know. This opens up the "spaces" for other girls. In a way, it weeds out those who look upon membership purely as a status symbol rather than a sisterhood within the Greek system. Who knows, it might make the system as a whole stronger.

Yes, but isn't that the problem we are discussing? These girls focused on sororities that fit their image of themselves or who they want to be, and faced with going somewhere they perceived to be an environment they either wouldn't or woudn't want to fit in, they quit.

I'm a a bit of a jocky guys guy, pretty agressive with decent social skills, I wouldn't want to be forced to join the proverbial audiovisual fraternity with the pocket protectors. Guys that think girls that are 4's on a scale of 1-10 are hot.

Also, Erika's quote, resurected by Zetaluvbunny, is true. It maters a great deal who you hang with. How many of you met your SO's from your social groupings? So the quality of the people and your access to certain things can be greatly dtermined by which group you belong to.

You always see certain Fraternities with the hottest girls, and some always with the appearance handicapped ones. Which is the one you would rather hang with?

And it may not be PC, but for the record that is very important.
IT sounds like panhel has created a pretty flawed system and created inequities in the name of conformity and protection of the weaker.

Also, the quote by
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