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Carnation, thanks for bringing this up. I have some strong opinions on this topic, like most of us here.

I have been one of the people who has said "you'll end up where you were meant to" when talking to rushees who are worried about whether they are making the right choice. It's meaningful to me because I truly believe that fate has a way of making things happen for an important reason. My friend Kristin is a good example. She rushed with me and did not receive a bid, although she had a great rush experience. At the time, I couldn't believe it and she was of course very hurt. However, she ended up rushing the next year and ending up in a sorority that she hadn't even entertained the idea of joining the year before. Now she is in the right place and feels the same way I do about her sorority.
~Now, take Corina from UCSC (wishin hopin) - she had a very upsetting rush experience and was, in my opinion, dirty rushed in a way. Now she is on the cusp of something completely new and exciting. Something that would not have existed had she not had that horrible experience with the sorority that did not offer her a bid. Now she has enabled many other women to benefit from sisterhood who would not have ever meshed with the only other NPC sorority on her campus. I think that's amazing. Also, I believe that I ended up where I was meant to. From day 1 of rush, I felt a bond with the women of Tri-Delta more than any of the other great sororities I spent time with. I went into the whole process with an open mind, not even really expecting that I'd get a bid, but when the time came, it was such an emotional experience for me on bid-day because I truly felt that I had found my "home" and my destiny. I still get emotional just thinking about it, and what a special time that was.

Additionally, let me just be honest and say that I do not think that the Greek System is for everyone. To be blunt, if you rush and the sorority you want to be in doesn't have members who click with you enough to offer a bid, why on earth would you want to be there anyway? I would much rather not be in the Greek System at all, than be with people who weren't sure about me. Also, I have friends who I don't think would have enjoyed rush, much less the responsibilities that go along with being in a sorority or fraternity. I'm not in any way implying that I think all Greeks are elite and better than others, just that I absolutely think that not everyone is meant to be Greek.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

By the way, Cutiepie, I loved your really spoke to me.

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