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Unfortunately those are the chapters that are most likely to close at least at my school. It is very sad to pledge a sorority and then find out you have to go alum the next semester-this happened to 2 of the sororities on my campus.

Originally posted by Aphigal
I guess the thing is what defines "weak" Although I have helped chapters for years who are weak in membership, never have I came across a chapter who is weak across the board.

Many of the chapters I have visited with weak recruitment numbers (and all the things that come along with that -weak social calendar, not a great rep on campus, etc etc) have some of the best sisterhood, new member programs, and most inspiring presentation of ritual I have ever seen.

On the flip side those chapters that are "tops" seem to struggle with fiscal management, programming, retention and sometimes risk management or new member education issues.

I guess that no matter where the chapter sits in terms of the rush heap, there are always areas of improvement!
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