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Well, I don't speak from any SEC experience, but I speak from someone who "ended up where she was meant to". I agree that some folks don't want to take the bull by the horns and rebuild a weak sorority, but if that's where you were meant to be, why is that so terrible?? I guess my problem with what you said carnation, and you know I love you!, is that with an open mind, weak sororities may not be so weak and strong sororities may not be so strong. It's, of course, ridiculous to think that everyone will go through recruitment with an open mind, but I honestly believe that if every woman who has all those GREAT qualities you describe was meant only to go to the strong houses she thinks she belongs in, then of course, we'll never rebuild all of our houses and continue greek traditions.

My advice for rushees, before you think you don't belong somewhere just because of a reputation, try with an open mind to see if you do belong. Sometimes it just takes an open mind to realize that some women really do end up where they were meant to be.
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