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Originally Posted by PhiRhoSister View Post
This may not be true at the collegiate level if the non-NPC sorority is a member of the campus Panhel. Your friend will need to check the Panhel rules of her campus or the campus she is transferring to.

If the initiated women quits the non-NPC sorority that is a member of the Panhel, her campus Panhel rules may prevent her from joining any other Panhel sorority. Likewise, if the initiated women transfers to another campus where the non-NPC sorority is a member of the Panhel, that campus Panhel rules may prevent her from joining any other Panhel sorority even if she has quit the non-NPC sorority.

For example, Alpha Sigma Kappa (social eng sorority), and Ceres (social ag sorority), Phi Sigma Rho (social eng sorority) are non-NPC social sororities that do not allow dual membership with NPC sororities and are often members of their campus Panhels.
If a women were to depledge ASK, Ceres, or PhiSigRho then unless there was a campus rule prohibiting it, she is free to join an NPC.
I know people don't like hearing this, but in all reality, it's not the rules of the depledged group that's the rules of the group that is admitting the woman after she depledged. It's up to them to accept the depledged woman. The unianimous agreements only apply to NPC - and there are similar agreements with NPHC. Now, I will say that I don't think a group that has Pan-Hel or internal rules about accepting depledged women from Non-NPCs should break those rules for anyone.
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