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Originally Posted by MysticCat View Post
While we're on the subject of debunking myths, the Puritans founded Massachusetts Bay Colony, and as a result, were influential in New England. There was also some emmigration to the Chesapeake Bay region, but the Puritans never had the influence there that they did in New England. Puritan dominance of politics in New England had waned by the early 1700s.

Undoubtedly, Puritanism influenced the founding of the American Republic, but America is not "Puritan-founded."
While we're at it...America is not founded upon judeo-christian principles. It's founded upon the principles of freedom of religion and separation of church and state. OMG it pisses me off when people play that card. Or the fact that In God We Trust wasn't added to money or the pledge of allegiance until the 50s I believe.
I'm not even American and I know this!
I'll take trainwreck for 100 Alex.

And Jesus speaketh, "do unto others as they did unto you because the bitches deserve it".

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