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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post

The laws your school is trying to get reversed are ZONING laws. They have NOTHING to do with brothels or the fact that it's women, not men living in the house.
Thank you.

Seriously, consider for a moment who would create a brothel law. Ever recall a time in the history of Puritan-founded America that brothels were just popping up all over the place?

In Fairfax County (Virginia), you cannot have more than 4 unrelated adults living in a single dwelling. It isn't because we might all become prostitutes, it's because of other reasons such as parking, traffic, square footage of dwelling space per resident laws, and more--all under the umbrella of Zoning Regulations.

On the campus of George Mason University, there are student apartments with 3 bedrooms holding two people each. So, you could have 6 girls in a single dwelling. It doesn't matter what the residential zoning laws are because a university is its own zone.

Greek Housing is generally considered unnecessary to a campus unless your organizations happen to do more good things than bad things, and then follow that up with Public Relations exposure. It's also prohibitively expensive. I know you pay a lot of tuition, but universities spend it on things like salaries and maintenance--they don't just sit on piles of money laughing at how you can't have cool things.

Also, if the reason you can't do something begins with, "there is an old bylaw buried away somewhere..." then that's not the reason.
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