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Originally Posted by couggirl View Post
Okay, I just want to be clear that this does not apply to me and I am just wanting to know for the sake of my curiosity.
My question is groups that are part of the college NPC but not nationally, like a sorority for science majors. What if a woman rushes and joins science major sorority and gets initiated, then for some reason drops out. Would she then be ineligible to rush and join a NPC that is part of the 26 sororities? Would it make a difference is she switched schools, or possibly changed to a non-science major and would be ineligible for a science major only sorority?

I am just curious after ready a post my someone in a different thread that said that music sorority members could join NPC sororities, but am wondering if a major related sorority could do the same if that major related sorority was part of the colllege panhellenic counsil.

Thank a bunch for your info, I am just really too curious some times.
As long as she has not been initated into one of the 26 NPCs, she is free to join one. College PHC has nothing to do with National rules.
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