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Another thing: what about current sorority actives who stumble across those declarations? Could that information just make it easier to cut someone? I mean, if a chapter absolutely has to make heavy or even moderate cuts due to release figure rules, wouldn't it be pretty simple to say "she's only interested in ..." and give her an early "buh-bye"?
Yep, and that's what happens. We use the new RFM so the sororities don't have room for girls that they KNOW don't want to be there.

Here's a little story from my last recruitment about how things like Facebook & MySpace can affect recruitment:

There was a girl who publicly posted a MySpace blog about Sorority Info Night (pre rush event) in which she said she would "only join AB because they're the only one worth being in" and "the other 6 are loser ones."

When she met her Rho Chi, they became MySpace friends. The PX called her a few days before recruitment because she had seen this blog and she wanted to tell her that she should take it down or make it private because it could affect her recruitment if a sorority member saw it. She ignored her and kept it up anyway, figuring the PX was just exaggerating.

She visited all sororities on the first day of recruitment like everyone else. She told her PX that the blog didn't matter because "she was dropping everybody but AB the next day." Sometime between Sorority Info Night and the end of day 1, a sorority member did see it and we all know how small the sorority world is. Word travels fast and we all had seen it before long.

Well, the next day she shows up for Philanthropy Party (day 2) thinking she'd been invited back to all 7 like everyone else. Surprise! She was dropped by the 6 sororities she said were "for losers."

She was stunned. She told her PX that "SHE was supposed to be cutting THEM." Her PX told her that she was still invited to one chapter, AB (the only one she said anything good about).

So the girl was like "whatever, I only wanted to join AB anyway." Anyone using the new RFM knows that the biggest groups make the biggest cuts. She went to only AB that day, thinking everything was cool and she was going to get what she said in her blog that she wanted. Wrong! AB dropped her after that round and she was released from recruitment!

So this arrogant girl who thought she was only good enough for one sorority, ended up getting released by everyone after 2nd round. She was very upset, but her Rho Chi told her that she shouldn't have been so public with her opinions and should've been more open minded. She was so upset that she transfered to a new school after one semester.

Moral of the story: Be cautious of what you put out there, because you could ruin recruitment for yourself. Once you put things like this out there, it's public knowledge and you never know who could see it. You also never know who could tell someone else about it.
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