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Originally Posted by NUBlue&Blue View Post
. . . They have another [facebook] group about going greek and many many girls have said "I'm rushing ABC" or "I'm looking at ABC and XYZ because they're supposed to be the best". . . .

My daughter has so many friends going to UGA--I just pray that we do not have another disappointing year. I have tried to talk to their mothers about getting the recs together, not getting your heart set on a certain sorority before you even get there, etc. and these girls are very aware of what happened last year, but I don't think they really grasp what it is going to be like.

One thing they need to KNOW is that "mutual selection" is not quite as mutual as they imagine. I think most of them believe they are in the power position, when it most definitely is the opposite.
Oh man. It seems to me that young women who say on facebook, etc. -- for all the world to see -- that "I'm rushing ABC" or "I'm looking at ABC and XYZ because they're supposed to be the best" are setting themselves up. Wouldn't it be embarrassing after publicly saying that to end up bidless or in what the woman has essentially labeled a "lesser" sororrity?

Another thing: what about current sorority actives who stumble across those declarations? Could that information just make it easier to cut someone? I mean, if a chapter absolutely has to make heavy or even moderate cuts due to release figure rules, wouldn't it be pretty simple to say "she's only interested in ..." and give her an early "buh-bye"?
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