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Overconfident PNMs need to realize that while it's great that they are gorgeous with good grades and tons of extracurriculars, plenty of girls in recruitment will be just as pretty and smart.

For example, you might think that the fact that you were Homecoming Queen in HS makes you unique and special and a "big catch" for any sorority. What you fail to realize is that depending on the school, you will be one of many smart, pretty, Homecoming Queens.

There was a particular girl who came into recruitment and told me "Oh you don't have to talk to me if you don't feel like it, I'm going to be an XY. I've heard they are the best one." She was a Homecoming Queen, 4.0, and very pretty. She told every single sorority the same thing (except XY). Well, when it was time for invites, none of us invited her back. Well that's okay right because she really wanted XY? Well, they didn't invite her back either. She was really upset about it, but that's what happens when you're too overconfident and don't consider all of your options.
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