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What to tell overconfident PNMs

I know that every year we talk about PNMs who:
- are only interested in the biggest/"best" houses on campus
- go into recruitment with their hearts set on specific houses for whatever reasons (legacy, campus rep, friends, etc.)
- think because they are pretty and smart and were popular in high school they are guaranteed success
- think because they have friends in chapters they will be guaranteed bids

It seems like we can all agree that it's ridiculous for a PNM to go into a competitive recruitment with any combination of these attitudes. A PNM who goes in overconfident can end up dropping out if she's not happy with her invites or can end up dissatisfied with where she ends up simply because it's not the house she was initially interested in. Last year, two PNMs from my rec group ended up dropping out of recruitment simply because it didn't end up they way they expected, and I know I wasn't the only one who saw this happen.

What are some things that y'all do to help PNMs go into competitive recruitments with confidence, but also with realistic expectations?
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