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I will say, determining what to join or not is a big deal.

My BFF was really under a lot of stress of whether to join and NPHC sorority or NPC. She eventually decided to go through formal recruitment our freshman year and decided that she really felt at home in DZ. If she didn't feel she liked it, she was going to drop herself out. She still does stuff with her friends in those orgs. and goes to the parties too. Her mom is in the NPHC and just being Greek has brought them even closer.

I, myself, have been formally invited to SAI parties. Though I know a large part of the chapter (like 75%+), I just do not have the time to devote to both. Forever I will go to the PMA and SAI recitals; I know a lot of the guys too. Just because you may/may not be a part of one organization, it doesn't mean that you can't support another.

Seriously, I go to all the step shows I can on campus. That tradition is so awesome to me ( plus I get my sorority sisters and friends to go too).
Personally, I would look at what you are looking for in an organization and then decide for yourself. Give everything a thorough evaluation first!

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