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Dual Memberships

Originally Posted by Leslie Anne View Post
I hate to double post but...

This has been an interesting thread and one of the only ones on this topic that hasn't turned ugly. However, considering the number of times this issue is brought up, don't you think it might warrant a sticky either in the Greek Life section or in Sorority (and Fraternity) Recruitment?

It could be quite simple:

Dual Membership

Two NPCs - not allowed
An NPC and an NPHC - not allowed
A local and an NPC - allowed but you may have to drop your membership with the local, ask about it
A service sorority or fraternity and an NPC - allowed

etc., etc.

When someone asks again, they can just be directed to the sticky. End of discussion.

Just a thought.
By popular demand. Allowed/Not Allowed conditions can be posted here and used for future reference.
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