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You know, that's an interesting question where additional funds would go to when any NPC or NIC chapter closes. I assume it's different for each organization. I honestly have not been (and pray I never have to be) part of the closing of a chapter, so I have no clue about that.

As far as colonizing or recolonizing, I would assume that all national organizations have a yearly budget for travel, staffing, purchasing needs, etc. As a colony advisor, I know we solicited area alumnae for their assistance...which in Atlanta was quite successful...and still is now with the chapter being around almost 3 years.

I have a friend who is part of another NPC and her chapter reorganized while she was active....their reorg was similar to our definition of recolonization. She was kept an active chapter member as well as small group of women with great potential for rebuilding their chapter. I think it would depend on the scenario within the specific chapter as to how membership within a recolonizing, reorging...whether alumnae or maintain active status...of course that would also depend on the chapter maintaining their charter or not.

I wouldn't consider these "ritual" questions. They are probably pretty standard across all NPC and NIC groups.
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