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Originally Posted by AXiDTrish View Post
The first thing she stated was that the house (like, the actual building) was not competitive with the other chapters on campus. There was quite a bit of renovating that needed to take place, but the corporation board was not able to provide the funds needed. This was due to fundraising requirements I believe, not the chapter or national fraterity. From reading different posts on GreekChat, what a house LOOKS like is virtually as important as the members within it. I'm not sure if this is how it is at UF.

As for the article, uhhh yeah, the sister was upset...which of course she would be if she wants her chapter back. It is normal procedure for alumnae not to be utilized in a recolonization. Think about it....if the alumnae from the recently closed chapter couldn't do the job, why would it be different the second time around? There were obviously deficiencies. I can completely understand why she was upset. I believe there is a movement in NPC to change the recolonization timeline from 1 year to 2 or 3 years in order to graduate the alumnae still in school as well as allow the reputation of the previous chapter to disappear a little.

I personally would love to see the UF chapter back, but colonizing at large schools take a LOT of money! Just look at AOII and Univ of Arkansas!! I would love to see a recolonization at UGA too, but the financial requirement to get a chapter off the ground just for recruiting is phenomenal.

Anyway, just my 2 cents!
Well the first part makes sense to me about housing. While not being in a sorority at UF, I would think it would be hard to compete without a house or atleast a decent house. UF has some very gorgeous sorority houses and most are on two sorority rows. The youngest house at this very moment is the Delta Zeta house which is only about three or four years old. Tri- Delta is building a new house that will be housing 72 women and will be the biggest house on campus. Kappa Kappa Gamma is renovating their house as well, so most houses do renovations on them all the time (these are just the ones I know about). Most houses have been around for years and are very large.

I would also think bringing new alumnis in that were just turned alumni from that chapter. These women will never be able to an active again and probably couldn't do a very good job since they don't have the experience to build up or start over a chapter. Waiting a year or two would also make sense to me as well (not to knock AXiD or anything...I'm really not trying to).

I would think it would take a lot of money to recolonize a chapter at a major university with a thriving Greek system like UF. Saving money to start over again would make sense to me as well. I am not trying to pry into ritual information, but is there a recolonization budget or savings account when a chapter closes?

(Disclaimer: I don't know what it takes to recolonize a chapter. What makes sense to me sometimes does not or would not work for a major organization like Alpha Xi Delta. While I am not thinking this chapter is going to re-open before I get there, but I think the AXiD chapter deserves another chance...throwing in my opinion and thats all it is, my opinion.)
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