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Originally Posted by UCFgirl View Post
From what I have heard the chapter at UF will never be reopened because it had such a hard time with recruitment. They tried to turn all the actives alum and start over, and it was a complete failure. (There is actually an article about it in the UF paper online, just look up university of florida alpha xi delta on google.

I also would love to see chapters at these schools, since they are the schools that our state is known for. I dont know anything about FSU, or even why they closed, the rumor is hazing.
wow thats too bad. I just read the article again, but it doesn't say anything why the chapter couldn't sustain on campus. it would be great to see a new chapter go to UF, no matter what GLO, but Alpha Xi would be nice considering its history on UF campus and possibly given another chance.
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