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[mini-vent] My friend said she wanted her book back. And she got it; I dropped the shit on her glass dining room table while she was getting dressed this morning. I hadn't even gotten up to chapter 5 yet. She wanted "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Osteen back that badly, that's okay b/c I have motivational CD's I can listen to in order to maintain a positive mindset. I wanna succeed in the business world, and learning from these people will help me toward that goal.

Also, this heffa musta obviously thought I needed it more than she did, or else shewouldn't have told me to read the dayum thing. [/mini-vent]
"Having a nasty attitude won't yield you the results you want when you want them; it'll just make people steer clear of you and your toxicity in order to keep from being contaminated by you and your nastiness."- Me
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